Our Story

Alexus S. Fields is a Mississippi native who inherited love for hair from her late mother. Like most people, Alexus searched for her purpose through several different careers. She initially wanted to be a nurse, but God had other plans. Enrolling in hair school was a leap of faith. After graduating, she knew she wanted her brand to be magnificent. 

Alexus didn't know that she would be using her newfound skills to change her health and her life. After being diagnosed with Graves' disease, she lost all of her hair. In short, Graves' disease results in an overactive thyroid. As a hair stylist, hair means everything. In a quest to gain back confidence in her beauty, not only did Alexus start a natural hair journey, she also created her own line of products. 

Mo' Hair Grow Hair haircare is what she decided to call it. As a child, she remembers her mother saying "mo' hair grow hair" to her clients. In honor of her mother, she dedicates her passion to growing healthy hair to the woman who started it all. 

So if you have never purchased a product or booked a service, just know that everything is done with love and luxury in mind. Try it out and see for yourself. 

The Golden Galore Team appreciates your business. 

Stay Golden!- Alexus

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