It's not you, it's your products- What is my porosity and what products to use for my porosity?

It's not you, it's your products- What is my porosity and what products to use for my porosity?

Finding your porosity isn't hard! 

Now first, there is only so much I can do virtually, but I am going to help you find your porosity the best way I can. 

Porosity is basically how well your hair absorbs moisture. Have you ever heard of objects (like certain types of wood) being porous? Well, our hair does that as well. Every product that you use on your hair is designed for different types of porosities.

You have 3 types- High, Medium, Low

If your hair is high porosity, it mosts like easily absorbs water. That also means that it is easy for water to leave your strands. 

If your hair is medium porosity, then it maintains moisture and probably doesn't get dry very easily. 

If your hair is low porosity, you may find it hard to get moisture inside of your strands. You may notice this while washing your hair. It is as if water is sitting on top of the hair and is barely feeling or getting wet. 

The tricky part is, if you are not cleansing your hair properly and have tons of product buildup, your hair may be presenting as low porosity when it's not. 

 In order to find your porosity, you first need to cleanse your hair thoroughly. Try our To Be Clear Shampoo for a good cleanse. Now this is old school natural hair guru knowledge that I learned and it works!

Take a cup of water in a glass, get a freshly clean strand of hair that still has the little white follicle bulb at the end (it is small, but you will be able to see it!). You will place the strand in that cup of water and push it to the bottom. 

If it rises up, your hair MAY be low porosity. If it stays in the center, it may be medium porosity. If it sinks to the bottom, then you might be looking at high porosity hair. 

So now that you've done your test, how do you keep it moisturized? My rule of thumb is to use lighter products for low porosity like Rich Mist and heavier products for high porosity like Cream de la Creme. Finish your hair off with the Better than Butter for maximum moisture. It is called the LOC method! Liquid, Cream, Oil. Now we will talk about that in another blog, but hopefully you learned a bit about your porosity. 

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Rich Mist, Dripping in Galore Hair Serum


Cream de la Creme, Better than Butter

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